Ultra Skip Rope With Digital Counter

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Ultra Skip Rope With Digital Counter

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The SpeedSkip™ Ultra Skip Rope is the perfect home gym addition for improving your endurance and achieving results you always wanted faster.  Under-utilized by regular fitness goers, jump rope is used by professional athletes and fitness experts because it is tremendously effective but also very simple at burning calories.  It is one the most simple but powerful exercises you can do to increase your endurance level and lose weight fast!  It's simple to do anywhere including your home.

With our high quality SpeedSkip™ Ultra Skip Rope you can increase your endurance and stamina very quickly all in the comfort of your home without having to count.  It includes a digital counter, timer and calorie counter.


You can achieve a great overall body workout with our jumprope.  It takes about 10-15 minutes of daily skipping to elevate your heart and get a good sweat going.  You'll be surprised how fast you will see amazing results.

  • Stamina and Endurance quickly and easily boost your overall fitness level and your speed, agility, balance, dexterity, endurance, coordination and concentration
  • Loose Weight burn calories quickly and efficiently
  • Versatile perfect for anyone with any level of experience, can be used anywhere
  • Core Strengthening best overall workout that gets your heart elevated and blood pumping
  • Ideal for people that are limited on time and space, very easy to get a quick work out in without going to the gym
  • Best For Cardio workouts, CrossFit Double Unders, MMA training, WOD, boxing training, HIIT, Muay Thai training, and more!



  • Digital Counter integrated digital skip counter, timer and calorie counter for precision tracking
  • High-Quality Barrings the handles contain a low friction barring that allows for smooth skipping and precise digital counting so you can focus on your workout
  • Light Weight and Portable includes a high quality lightweight cable and anti-slip handles for smooth skipping
  • Length Adjustable includes 10ft - 3m of rope that can be adjusted for the perfect length
  • Durable and Tangle Free the handles are durable and light weight and the cord is tangle free


  • Works out abs, core, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back
  • Strengthens muscles and reduces muscle fatigue and boost stamina
  • Perfect overall fitness accessory for your home gym


  • Size: 10ft - 3M cable length - adjustable, 5.5in - 14cm handle length
  • Material: Lightweight Steel,  Anti-slip Handles
  • Color: Black-Grey

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