Solar Ray Security Camera™

Solar Ray Security Camera™

Solar Ray Security Camera™

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Are you worried about the safety of your home when going away? Let’s protect your home with our Solar security camera. With its sound and motion detector, two-way communication, real-time view, it will recognize any motion (with a range of up to 10 meters). If any motion is detected, the camera will send a notification alert on your phone instantly, preventing burglars and other suspicious people from roaming around your property. After a sunny day, it will run for over 6 days continuously thanks to its intelligent standby mode. What makes this product different from other security systems is that even if the solar panel doesn’t have enough power (on rainy weeks, for example), you can also charge it with the included cable. It’s suitable for outdoor use and gives you the best kind of protection. Buy it now!

Introducing Solar Ray Security Camera - A wireless & solar powered security camera that provides excellent protection suitable for your home or business property!

With its sound & motion detector, two-way communication, and real-time view, SolarPatrol™ prevents package theft, break-ins, robbery, and vandalism!

See what happens around your property 24/7 with Solar Ray Security Camera, the best electricity-free security camera on the market!

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Enjoy Round-The-Clock Protection & Monitoring With SolarPatrol™!


Efficient Solar Panels For Smart Energy Saving

What makes Solar Ray Security Camera™ different from other security systems is its built-in batteries are rechargeable via the solar panel!

After a sunny day, SolarPatrol™ will run for over 6 days continuously thanks to its intelligent standby mode.

Improved Detector System & Fast Alert Response

Suitable for outdoor use, Solar Ray Security Camera™  detects sound and movements easily to give you the best kind of protection!

Solar Ray Security Camera™will recognize any motion (with a range of up to 10 meters) and send a notification alert on your phone instantly, preventing burglars and other suspicious people from roaming around your property!

Wireless Connectivity For Convenient Installation

Solar Ray Security Camera™is a wireless camera, so you can place it wherever you want without the need of installing a power supply to support it.

With its remote control and 2.4GHz wifi, the unmatched frequency real-time live feed range of Solar Ray Security Camera™ can stretch the distance of the camera to your phone.

Review the video recording on your phone wherever you are.

Easy Operation Via Mobile Application

Pair Solar Ray Security Camera™to your smartphone and it activates the camera automatically once it detects your gadget.

It will immediately go into broadcast mode so you can see your area remotely anytime!

In providing more convenience, its built-in microphone and speaker allows for better communication. Scare away thieves with this feature!


Micro SD and Cloud Storage


Access all your recordings 24/7 through the app's cloud storage and a micro SD card. 


Monitor Your Property in 1080p HD Day And Night

Day or Night ourSolar Ray Security Camera™ can monitor your property with high definition footage. 


High Definition 1080P Video Capture, Completely Wire-Free


Our Solar Ray Security Camera™ security camera presents 1920*1080 Mega Pixels that provides you with clear and crisp recordings that you can watch remotely in real-time through our mobile app.


Waterproof - Snow proof - Dust proof - Temperature Proof grade for safest use with a wide angle of vision.


With Solar Ray Security Camera™ weatherproof level, waterproof camera is reliable enough to continuously work for you even in bad weather. Works with temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F).


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I view the recording on my phone if I'm remote from the camera?

Yes, you can. You can review the recording on your phone wherever you are using the i-cam app.

How does it charge and how long does it last?

The built-in solar panel will charge the camera when it is under the sun. The camera can last up to 6 days after being under the sun for 4 hours.

Can I connect more than 1 camera?
- Yes, you can. You can pair up to 5 cameras.

How much do you charge for shipping fees?
- We DON'T charge for shipping! It's actually free WorldWide!

Does the camera stay 'ON' at all times?
- Yes, The camera is functioning at all times, it works intermittently. If there is no moving object, the camera will automatically enter the sleep state, and when it notices any movement it will immediately detect it and start recording automatically.


    Package Includes:

    • Lithium Batteries
    • SolarPatrol™
    • Antenna
    • Cable for manual charging if needed.


    Technical specifications

    • Features


      Solar Powered
      Motion Detection
      Easy 60-second setup
      Full 1080p HD video
      Night Vision
      Clear Zoom
      Talk & Listen

    • Wireless


      Wi-Fi connection @2.4 GHz
      SD Card

    • Accessibility


      Mobile App Connection
      Cloud Storage
      up to 5 Cameras / Account

    • Language



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