Purrfect Arch Self Groomer

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Purrfect Arch Self Groomer

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Purrfect Arch Self Groomer

This Arch Groomer for Cats allows your cat to brush itself for a comfy massage and catch loose cat fur! You'll be surprised at how much cat hair this arch will catch on and how they will love scratch their own backs while grooming the loose hair.


  • The arched bristle cat brush helps remove loose fur to reduce shedding around the house and also massages the cat at the same time.
  • The cat groomer carpet base is durable and can be used as a scratching pad to keep your furniture safe from scratch.
  • Easy to assemble. It can be set up in seconds.
  • The bottom base contains an anti-skid pad so it will not collapse and move.
  • Your cat will love their new groomer which removes loose hair as well as gives them a massage and scratches them as they walk through the arch, and now has a new place to scratch and fill their scratching needs
  • There is a secret compartment in the base of the arch that is used to hold your catnip so the cat is attracted to the arch
  • The arch is quick to set up and take down. You can allow your cat to enjoy it and when it is time to clean it there is no hassle


  • Material: PP, Metal
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Base Size: 36 x 28.5 x 3 cm / 14.3 x 11.2 x 1.2 inch
  • Arch Height: 35 cm / 14 inch

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