Carbon Fiber Door Sill Protector Wrap

Carbon Fiber Door Sill Protector Wrap

Carbon Fiber Door Sill Protector Wrap

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Car Door Jamb Guard and Sill Protector, Black Carbon Fiber Adhesive DIY Kit, Protects Painted Edges from Scuffs, Scratches, or Damage, Non-Slip Textured Black Finish

✅ Universal Vehicle Door Sill Guard – Designed to fit cars, trucks, and SUVs this door sill protector film can be applied to interior door jamb to help protect paint and prevent damage, scratches, or scuffs when you enter or exit your vehicle.

✅ Slip-Resistant Textured Finish – Offering a premium semi-gloss black finish our door sill scuff plates feature a strong adhesive backing and a textured surface to help hold them in place and to prevent slips when getting in and out.

✅ Quick and Easy Application – Our door jam guard adhesive tape can be applied to almost any standard doorjamb and can be cut to fit your space perfectly. It can even be removed and replaced without damaging surfaces or paint jobs.

✅ Durable, Weather-Resistant Material – One of the most important factors behind our car door edge guards is that they can withstand muddy shoes, high heels, luggage wheels, scrapes and bumps, and anything else that would otherwise damage paint.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Door Sill Area with a Slip-Resistant Textured Protection Film from Xpel
Think about how many times you get in and out of your vehicle throughout the week. You’re using it for grocery runs, getting to the gym, going back and forth to work, running errands, and even having a bit of fun at outdoor events. That means you’re constantly beating up the doorjambs in your driver and passenger door areas which can scratch, damage, or weaken the paint.


That’s why we recommend Xpel Universal Door Sill Guards that fit your door entry areas perfectly to protect them through inclement weather, muddy shoes, and all the comings and goings on your busy schedule.

 Black Semi-Gloss Finish

This versatile door sill adhesive comes in a classic black finish to better match every interior and exterior car color making it perfect for your favorite make and model.

Thicker and More Resilient
The heavy-duty 13 mil embossed design ensures our door sill guards won’t rip, tear, or roll up even if you step on them to get in or out of your vehicle.

Customizable Vehicle Fit
This door jam adhesive comes in a long 60” x 2.75” roll to help you find the perfect fit long your door frame. This ensures more consistent coverage and lets you cover more or less space designed on your vehicle’s specific needs. Simply cut to fit your space!

Easy DIY Application Process
We use a super strong, yet maneuverable adhesive on our door sill protector to make it easier to get into place without folding, bubbles, or creases. This ensures the slip-resistant surface remains strong even through wet or inclement weather.

Off-Road Vehicle Support
Along with traditional automobiles, these adhesive all-terrain guard film can be used on to line boat steps, bumpers, ATV accessories, and other common outdoor vehicle steps.

Cleans Up Quickly
If you do get your door liner messy don’t worry. Simply wash and wipe it down like you would normally without worrying about it peeling up or coming off.

Contours to Vehicle Frames
One of the most important aspects of the Xpel door sill is that it will easily contour to fit your specific vehicle frame because it offers a universal fit for any car, truck, SUV, or ATV.

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