Automatic HairCurlǝr 2.0

Automatic HairCurlǝr 2.0

Automatic HairCurlǝr 2.0

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Get Salon Quality Curls at Home in under 10 Minutes!

Get Perfect Curls with the single press of a button. Stella Hair Curl Pro will allow you to wrap your hair around and create curls automatically within 8 seconds at home, or wherever you go ! 

Bye Bye Bi-Weekly Expensive Stylists! 

Stella smart hair curling technology allows you to create your curls just the way you like them. 

It's Smart Heatproof design protect your hands from any instant surface heat. Stella comes with 5000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery for 60 minutes working time, which allows you to create 3 hairstyles even for thick hair


Nowadays, spending hours and hours to treat and fix your hair is not only inconvenient for those who work and are always in a hurry, but it is also counter-productive for your hair, burned by repeated treatments with obsolete tools. What you are looking for is an experience of extreme quality, which will allow you to save time and make everyone envy your charm: obviously at an affordable price.


Imagine no longer having to waste time with tangled and burnt hair…With the all-new HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 you will be able to both change your hair’s health forever and boast that you look gorgeous like no other. Portable and stylish, and with the highest quality components, the brand new HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 will allow you to arrange your hair whenever and wherever you are, always having a perfect look at an affordable price.

Have you ever been in a hurry and not having time to fix your hair? Or have you ever been outside and found your hair tangled, puffy and messy despite hours spent on it? Or having to go through different products to make your style looks decent?
Finally the solution has arrived: the HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 will give you the possibility to fix your hair in just few minutes, wherever you are, with great simplicity and without having to use additional products.

You get the same quality compared to products of brands recognized as the best on the market, but at half the price, with greater comfort given by its portability. Be wary of scarce imitations.

Automatic curling iron is the perfect new high-tech modeling tool for those who are not used to using traditional wired curling irons.

Easy to Use - Say goodbye to tradition curling iron or curling wand. No worry about finding power supply anymore. No skill required, you can learn how to use within 1 minute. Everyone can be a hair curling expert!

Personalized temperature & Timer settings - HairCurler 2.0 is studied to deliver a customized experience. The temperature varies from 300℉ to 390℉ to fit different hair types (lower temp for fragile hair; higher temp for coarse hair) and different needs: 8-18s auto curling timers allows to form perfect loose or tight curls easily, saving a lot of time.


The quality and efficiency of the brand new HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 will blow your mind.

  • Automatic curling without precedents: the HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 is designed to offer the maximum experience in a very short time and without risk. Tangle-free & rotating cord design, this hair curler will give you the mobility you need to stay in the same place when you roll, which will never pull or tangle your hair.

  • Safe protection with Anti-Tangled design: Unlike the curl chamber that stuck and even burn your hair, the cordless curling wand adopts the smart sensor chip, which will automatically suspend the curler when the hair is placed too much or incorrectly. No stuck and no broken hair, making it safer to use.

  • Two-Way Rotation: With the latest two-way rotation technology, you only need to set the direction of rotation and put the hair in to create a perfect curl. Easy to operate.

  • Ionic Ceramic Technology: the ceramic coating can reduce hair damage and combined with the negative ion charges allow the heat to be radiated directly into the hair without drying the external structure. This new technology preserves the natural moisture of the hair, making it shinier, softer and healthier.

  • Elegant, Portable and Lightweight: small and delicate, with HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 you can achieve perfect curls anytime, anywhere, even if you are traveling. Easy to slip into your bag with compact size and perfect for carry in traveling. 

  • Auto Off & USB Rechargeable: you can recharge your HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 via Micro USB charge cable included, via laptop or powerbank or charger. Built-in patented lithium battery will last up to 60 minutes continuous use after one fully charged in just about 3 hours. Shut off automatically after 10 minutes to preserve battery life.



The goal of HɐirCurlǝr 2.0 is to offer a complete, easy and fast experience at any time and wherever you are thanks to its Hair Kit.

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