8M/ Tire Guard Line Rubber Moulding Trim

8M/ Tire Guard Line Rubber Moulding Trim - QURLX

8M/ Tire Guard Line Rubber Moulding Trim

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  • [MATERIAL] Double-deck protective wheel hub, anti-collision and scratch proof, the outer layer is scraped. also helps to reduce future expenses for your four wheelers for the restoration of your metal rim surface.
  • [HIGH QUALITY] The choice widens and thickening M3 double-sided adhesive, durable, not easy to fall off, more than the general market other products more fit wheel hub. Fits most wheels with a flat or rounded lip up to 24”.
  • [UNIQUE DESIGN] Super Cool Looking Wheel Rim Protector Strips designed to protect your car rim edge and to cover existing damage. It also enhances the look of your wheel with the bright colored inner strip.
  • [EASY TO INSTALL] Unique cut to fit the tape-on mounting track and snap-in color insert fit all wheels from 13" to 22" that have 1/4" (6 mm) wide flat outer edge on the face of the wheel. Driveaway at highway speeds immediately after installation.
  • [COOL AND MYSTERIOUS] Available in a variety of colors to custom personalize your vehicle. Match or complement your car body paint, vehicle graphics or caliper color. Color inserts can be swapped out in seconds to modify the styling of your wheels.

Model Year: 2019
Model Name: Wheel Rims Protectors
Material Type: rubber
Item Type: Styling Mouldings
Item Weight: 240
Special Features: Wheel Rims Protectors

Tags: car

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