6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder

Blue-6 Shot Party Dispenser

6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder

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Shot Buddy A New Unique Drinking Wayūüć∑

The Shot Buddy is an awesome and entertaining way to pour shots! The 6 shot glass dispenser pours and evenly dispenses 6 shots at once. Great for use at parties, holidays, and more! 


Be the fun of the party with our all-new Shot Buddy, Whether it's a party, or a family reunion our Shot Buddy is guaranteed to make the night better 

The Homemade Bartender

Shot Buddy, a diverse alcohol dispenser, gives the perfect measure each time, and is a neat and elegant way of dispensing your favorite alcoholic beverages!

Pours 6 Shots At Once

Our Shotbuddy‚ĄĘ Glass Dispenser comes with a total of 6 spaces for 6 shot glasses. Make your life so much easier when you have guests over who want to get to the fun part right away. No hassle, no mess, and keeps your friends satisfied.


Once you bring this out to the table at the party all eyes will automatically be on you just because this is a very smart hack that everyone should know about. 

How Does It Work?

  • You simply place one shot glass under each spout;
  • There are six spouts and you pour your drink of choice directly into the top of¬†shot buddy.
  • Then it dispenses that liquid gold to all the shot glasses below and boom, you have shots for six almost instantly.
  • It even includes a carrier, so you can simply lift it up and bring them over to your friends.

The Perfect Christmas Gift 


  • Shot glass dispenser pours and evenly dispenses 6 shots at once
  • Great for parties, holidays, get-togethers, and more!
  • Can be used with wine, liquor, beer, juice, water, and more
  • Easy to use- just place all 6 shot glasses underneath the spouts and pour liquid on top!
  • Has a built in carrier so you can carry the 6 shot glasses around without spilling the¬†shots

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 5in x 4.85in (13.2cm x 12.3cm)
  • Color: Gray or blue
  • Wash with warm, soapy water (Not dishwasher safe)
  • Material: Plastic

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