Desktop Forecast Predictor Monitor Barometer

Desktop  Forecast Predictor Monitor Barometer

Desktop Forecast Predictor Monitor Barometer

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  • WORKING PRINCIPLE-The patterns of crystals within the weather Glass change according to weather conditions, enjoy the different forms of crystals throughout the different weather seasons. The change in temperature in your surroundings is the most important factor for crystal growth
  • THE ORIGIN OF THE STORM GLASS -The weather-predicting bottle was first invented by British Navy Lieutenant (Robert FitzRoy), It was used on ships in Europe in the 19th century to predict weather changes for assisting maritime navigation
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR-Storm glass Is A Symbol Of Love And Affection And Friendship.Whether It's Friends Or Family Or Colleagues, It's An Ideal Gift For Her. It's A Wonderful And Unique Idea For An Anniversary, Wedding. Gift for Any Occasion
  • Size and placement5.4 * 2.4 * 2.4 inches, it is best to place it in the shade of the house, close to large windows, and avoid direct sunlight
  • Amazing Decoration The creative glass weather forecast is a gorgeous craft that can be used to decorate balconies, living rooms, desks, hotels, bars, and bedrooms. Share with your family and friends as it is a beautiful home decor for the glass

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